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Locomotive Simulators is an advanced troubleshooting simulator that helps Loco pilots and maintenance personnel train in all aspects of troubleshooting activities such as identification of various Loco systems/subsystems, identification, isolation and rectifications of faults in real time etc. The simulator is a true scale model of driver cabin with all components replicated in the simulated environment.

Every switch, display, gauge, meter, brake, controls and their functions are matched to the original equipment to deliver a realistic and immersive training experience to the trainees. The Simulator has 3D image generation capability to re-create real time environment and weather conditions onto the screen along with synchronous sound effects. The simulator has a powerful evaluation and report generation module. The instructor can set up various exercises with different complexity and scope and he is provided with a parallel view of the Trainee screen and a video screen that records the trainee activities with replay facilities.

It provides training in the following functions,

  • Understand overall construction of the Loco including systems and subsystems.
  • Understand functional characteristics of major electric components
  • Understand functioning of various Onboard instruments, their importance, normal and abnormal values.
  • Identify, isolate and rectify faults real time.
  • Improve troubleshooting techniques.
  • Understand the system of automatic isolation of faulty sub systems/equipment
  • Perform complete functional test of the loco

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