TMSAPP™ has been designed and developed to meet the stringent training and competency compliance requirements of modern-day airline.

TMSAPP™ has a simple iPod like intuitive interface that converges schedules, qualification tracking and notifications, access for interactive lessons, assessments, training records and access to documents including lesson plans through single sign-on.

TMSAPP™ Grading module provides a non-intrusive data gathering mechanism that allows data on pilot competency to be collected while not detracting from the most important task of the instructor in the session i.e. observing the crew and providing them with relevant instruction.

TMSAPP™ breaks information silos using a robust data dictionary layer to exchange rule-based information between heterogenous systems with Training Management System.

SCORM compliant Hi-fidelity, simulated courseware can be accessed on from any device using TMSAPP™. These courses could be self-assigned, or a part of the curriculum.

TMSAPP™ Online Assessment module allows for “intelligent” tagging of questions with metadata that are linked to learning objectives. This allows the operator to go beyond just pass-fail statistics by providing global and individual “areas for improvement” linked directly to competencies defined by EBT.

Records form the center pillar of a training organization. Capturing training events and results accurately, with tags and metadata for easy future retrieval and analysis is what make TMSAPP™ unique. future training events.

The TMSAPP™ Reporting module provides an out of the box set of data reports that allow for intuitive analysis by varying dimensions, such as fleet, experience on type, days since last flight, performance over time, outlier analysis filtered by any dimension.

TMSAPP™ has a comprehensive workflow for defect reporting, tracking for resolution, maintenance work allocation and monitoring device utilization.

Both instructor and trainee data captures device information for analysis of training performance data.

The power of TMSAPP™ analysis cannot be underestimated, with other operators it has been the catalyst for changes in operating policy and even career progression path mapping. When this data is considered in conjunction with Line Operations Safety Analysis (LOSA) data and the data from the Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) program, it empowers the operator to make decisions and demonstrate safety improvement, based on empirical foundations rather than just “expert opinion” – this has led to a negotiation of reduced insurance rates at least at one other operator.

TMSAPP™ Contributes to significant cost savings through automation, Optimal utilization of resources, and forecasting of training events.

The most significant contribution is the power of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence, that helps airline not only to improve safety through constant automated monitoring but forecasting potential areas that could lead to incidents that are highlighted using Deep Learning. ROI for TMSAPP™ is less than one year.

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