TMS delivers each management and resources tools through a seamless and secure online portal. Leaders and training managers would have the ability to plan, prepare, execute, assess and record an individual or group training in an unprecedented way by significantly minimizing the time, it takes to develop effective training plans, and coordinate resources.

TMS allows to maximize training execution and assessment of individual and collective crew training scenarios.

Managers will have the ability to observe, capture and record individual training records that follows throughout the career.

TMS also gives training managers the ability to plan and schedule training events, and support unplanned events and recover from disruptions that may impair training.

Transition from an Airline of execution to an Airline of plan prepare and execute, with creative and innovative training technology platform which is paramount to your ability to be a safe and in full regulatory compliance. Prepare and train your crew for any type of contingency.

Maximize your crew training outcomes. Maintain “work-life” balance and normalize training loads for your trainers.

Efficiently manage your training device resources to keep them available when needed.

  • Plan, prepare and execute Training Plans
  • Design Curricula to suit specific needs
  • Optimally Schedule crew training
  • Effectively manage device utilization
  • Monitor device utilization and monetize
  • Balance Trainer Loads and work-life
  • Observe, capture, record & retrieve crew records where and when needed
  • Grade in EBT/MPL/AQP standards
  • Comply with full (multi) regulatory Compliance
  • Provide conditional access to regulators
  • Generate objective and focused reports
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