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Sankhya's Integrated Tank Simulator is an advanced missile and gunnery simulator designed to ensure operational readiness of mechanized infantry units. The simulator is designed to train and hone the skills of the gunner and the commander in handling and engaging different types of weapon systems. It enables the crew (gunner and commander) to detect, identify, acquire, track, range, select ammunitions, aim, fire, and apply corrections using the different ammunitions.

The interiors of the simulator is designed and built to conform to the actual combat vehicle including controls, indicators, gauges, turret, sights, instrument panel, etc. Each simulator has a built in Instructor Station. The Instructor can create various exercises based on training needs and monitor the crew's performance.

The battle field scenario is made alive through advanced CGI. The simulator has an upgradable terrain and object library from which the instructor can select the required terrain along with the objects (Ground and Aerial) and place them strategically in the background.

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