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Electronic Warfare (EW) has become a major battle winning factor is today's war scenario. Sophisticated EW equipments are used to enhance or attenuate the capability and performance of Weapon systems. It is very vital for any Defense Force to protect their electronic warfare equipment from enemy's EW capabilities. It is therefore imperative that the radar operators are effectively trained to gain the proficiency required to exploit the weapon system to its optimum potential.

Sankhya's EW simulator is software based and can be run on a Laptop/Desktop. It provides an infinitely cost effective solution for training the radar crew on electronic warfare strategies.

The Simulator has one Instructor Station and has facility to generate different EW scenario for upto twenty trainees simultaneously. The simulator generates complex radar signals, emitter platforms characteristics and creation of dynamic scenarios. The trainee response is projected using a single gun projection system for evaluation by the instructor. The Simulator has a debriefing mode to help carry out post exercise analysis. The instructor can record trainee actions/responses for further playback and debriefing.

The Radar controls, switches, display screens are matched 1:1 with the real Radar equipment to provide an immersive experience to the trainees. The Simulator can simulate all types of land based radar sensors, air borne emitters, all types of ECCM, air borne objects with varying cross section with signal strength proportionate to range, course, and power etc. It can handle 100 targets simultaneously.

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