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Sankhya has designed and developed driving simulators (with and without motion platform) for a range of vehicle class and type. This includes from Light Vehicles to Heavy Vehicles deployed by Defense Services. All controls are emulated to provide the same look and feel as in the real vehicle. The simulator is packed with advanced features such as Dynamic Intelligent Traffic, Realistic Vehicle dynamics and Sound and Collision detection etc.

It had a dedicated Instructor Module. The instructor can use this module to create various types of exercises for the trainees from beginner to advanced levels. Each Instructor can create different exercises for different trainees and run them simultaneously. There is provision for the instructor to inject real time faults and monitor the trainees.

The Simulator imparts the following skills in addition to familiarization with steering, brake, clutch, gear, accelerator and other hardware essentials.

  • Pre-start and sequence checks
  • Different terrains (Plains, City, Highway, Rural, Country side, Semi desert, Mountain, High altitude, Metro etc),
  • Different traffic densities, and obstacles (natural and man-made)
  • Driving in different visibility and weather conditions
  • Drills pertaining to Driving tests
  • Fault and Emergency control drills
  • Performance evaluation (advances skills such as Rash, Protective and Evasive driving)
  • Driving skills requires for combat environment

A powerful reporting module provides a detailed post training analysis to the instructor. The instructor can also use this module to create dynamic records to suit his requirement and validate the progress of the trainees.

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