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The Advanced Weapon Simulator is a multipurpose simulator that helps training in all aspects of firing from basic firing skills to advanced skills that are required during combat situation. The simulator is software based and can be configured from four-lane to ten-lanes. They can handle a variety of weapons such as 9mm Pistols, Revolvers, Light Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, 303 Rifles, INSAS 5.56mm, AK-47 etc.

The simulator is capable of providing comprehensive training addressing the needs of basic to expert levels. The Simulator is accurately modeled for the weapon's characteristics (muzzle velocity, caliber, etc) and comes with options for customized terrain backdrops (dessert, jungle, mountains, plains etc), visibility and weather conditions, ranges, and firing positions that would allow the trainee to practice firing in realistic environments.

The Simulator has 3D image generation provision to re-create real time environment onto the projection screen along with synchronous sound effects.

Training Capabilities

  • Basic Weapon procedures and Firing Exercises
  • Training on Moving, Static, Popup targets
  • Search and Fire Exercise
  • Tactical Training (Ambush, Patrolling, Attack and Defense)
  • Firing in low visibility and adverse environmental conditions
  • Group Firing Exercises
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