Online Assessment System

OAS is an Authoring, Publishing, Delivery and Analysis product for administering online questions, tests, exams and surveys. This product is fully web-based and used on intranet or internet. With advantages such as faster authoring, assessment delivery on hi-end devices and comprehensive result analyses, your high performance assessment needs now have a state-of-the-art tool to rely on.

It provides a seamless transition from the learning to the evaluation side by measuring vital components of Training such as Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. It has a power-authoring module that helps you create as many as eleven different types of question including audio and video-based questions. It also uses advanced assessment creation techniques such as randomization, adaptive questioning, proportional questioning etc.

It supports Kirkpatrick model of evaluation and generates various reports to carry out a detailed analysis of the training outcomes.

Stand-out Factors
  • Compliant with the IMS QTI Ver.1.2 specifications Easily scalable and deployable
  • Designed to suit low bandwidth infrastructure
  • Open architecture with Cross Browser compatibility
  • Adaptive Questioning Technology
  • Advanced security

With OAS you can ..
  • Carry out online/self registration and approval of candidates for the exams
  • Set security permissions for assessments
  • Secure the assessments and results in an encrypted mode for high stake exams
  • Author different types of questions including audio, video and flash based questions
  • Import question banks and assessment from other systems such as excel, word pdf etc
  • Administer intelligent assessment using advanced assessment delivery techniques
  • Track and publish assessment results and perform advanced analysis and reporting
  • Conduct the assessment both online and offline mode
  • Easily integrate with other Learning management systems and products

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